School Hours & Uniform

School Hours


Parents are requested to buy an Alberton Primary Homework diary for their children and to sign it and monitor that homework is regularly done. (This applies to the Intermediate and Senior Phase learners).Foundation Phase gets homework from Grade 1-3 for ½ hour per day.


School reports are issued at the end of terms 1, 2, 3 and 4. Progress reports may be sent out when necessary, i.e. if a child is having difficulties with his or her school work. Foundation Phase gets 4 reports each year.


From time to time circulars are sent out, via the children, to keep the parents informed of the activities of the school.


- There are a few simple rules which assist with the smooth running of the school.

- Learners are not allowed to enter or leave the school by the main door during school hours.

- No learner is allowed to remain in any classroom during breaks without the express permission of the educator.

- Running inside the school buildings or corridors is forbidden.

- Learners may only climb on the apparatus in the school grounds under the supervision of an educator.

- There are numerous dustbins inside the school grounds and these must be used.

The playgrounds must be kept free of litter at all times. Also keep the pavement neat by using the dustbins supplied.

- We have a scholar patrol on duty outside two of the gates in New Quay Road before and after school, and instructions given by members of the patrol must be obeyed to ensure the safety of the children when crossing the road.

- Also LRC members and monitors, who help maintain discipline, must be obeyed.

- Note too, that the only permissible jewellery which may be worn by learners are watches and in the case of girls, gold stud earrings or small gold sleepers in the ears.

- No learner is allowed on the netball / tennis courts without the supervision of an educator.

- Learners must enter the school premises when they arrive and not remain on the pavement. Learners must enter or leave the premises through the small gates only. Big gates are only for the cars. Learners may not play inside the premises after school.

- Fighting is NOT ALLOWED at Alberton Primary School.

- Learners must wait for transport at the bottom gate and not near Bradlows.


There are two uniforms: One for Winter and one for Summer. Listed below are the articles of uniform required. NB! All clothing must be clearly marked with the learners’ name, so that if mislaid, it can be speedily identified and returned to the rightful owner.

For your information the following is the stockist of our school uniform:

LALA BROTHERS Tel. No. (011) 907-8619

44 van Riebeeck Ave , Alberton North - (Opposite : Die Blou Meul)


There are two uniforms: One for winter and one for summer. The child’s class teacher will tell the child on which days he would be expected to wear his PE uniform.

This uniform can be purchased form:

Bradmans Cricket Club Tel.No. (011) 869 1370 / 082 445 5210

Corner of Helston & Second Avenue Email:





Address: Shop 57 Mall At Newmarket, Heidelberg Ave,

Phone: 011 907 0512


Address: 44 Van Riebeeck Ave, Alberton North, Johannesburg, 1450

Phone: 011 907 8619



Alberton Cricket Club

Cnr of Helston & 2nd Avenue




011 869 1370